The Poetics Of Speech In The Medieval Spanish Epic

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libro The Poetics Of Speech In The Medieval Spanish Epic

Matthew Baileys work on medieval Hispanic epic poetry is most impressive. It is a unique contribution to our knowledge of the Old Spanish epic and offers a highly original advance in its field. This book will, of course, primarily be of interest to Hispano-Medievalists, but given its enlightened and far-reaching views – based on very wide reading – it will also be of significant interest to all medievalists and folklorists, regardless-of specialty-Samuel Armistead, Department of Spanish, University of California, Davis The Poetics of Speech in the Medieval Spanish Epic explores the composition of manuscript texts in thirteenth-century Spain. Of the vernacular epic poems originating with the minstrels of this era, only three full-length works remain: Cantar de Mio Cid, Poema de Fernßn Gonzßlez, and Mocedades de Rodrigo, all preserved and recorded by members of the clergy. By analysing expressive traits found in these three poems, Matthew Bailey links them to the cognitive processes that take place in the minds of speakers as narration unfolds. In Latin and other vernacular texts from the same period, authors identify their sources as oral, describe oral compositional techniques, and detail modes of processing texts in medieval monastic environments. Using the information provided by these details, as well as a close technical reading of the three epic poems, Bailey incorporates the methodologies and concepts of discourse analysis in an examination of expression in the Spanish epic and points convincingly to oral composition as the initial step in text creation for the period.

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