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Voz de mi Raza (Voice of my People) is comprised of several topics, however its main focus is on social issues. The pages within contain the complaints, lamentations, and protests of the oppressed against social injustices. It is a reflection of the pain experienced by our people as well as the dreams and yearnings for an authentic liberty without constraints from the dominating political and economic powers. It is the cry that surges from the effervescence of pain, fatigue, misery and hope for the peace that will not be whilst all avenues leading to it are blocked by nefarious social injustices. It also attempts to point out how inhumane humans can be when ignoring the suffering of others and forgetting the fact that we are all part of one single universal lineage, leaves from a single tree, pollen from the same flower, and fish swimming in the same ocean. This is the reality in which racism should not exist. Voz de mi Raza is only one part of the many truths that have already been said, are currently being spoken, and will continue to be told by means of the written word, whilst oppression, misery and pain continue to exist.

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