Voces De Mi Locura / Voices From My Madness

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libro Voces De Mi Locura / Voices From My Madness

Inspirational Stories that Spark our Emotions and Touch the Heart and Soul, is a novel about a host of highly desirable and valuable Inspirational short stories that touch the heart and soul and give meaning to our everyday life style. The novel brings curiousity, compassion, hope, and a uplift to anyone who reads it. The novel educates and brings curiosity to the readers mind. It brings an array of moral guidance that stops our foot-steps from going to places we dont want to go. The novel brings on its very own disposition of positve teachings of Jesus that reach out to our very own communities and global setting. Living in a dark world as we do, the novel is focused on Jesus teachings. The stories prove that Jesus is a light unto our path. He fulfills that piece thats missing within our hearts, we just need to seek him out and have a personal relationship with him. We need to Come to Him, Follow Him, and Obey Him. If we conform our lives, to the principles and teachings of Jesus, and let His teachings guide us and live through us in our daily lives, then all of our desires,aspirations, and hopes for doing good to others will be fufilled in our lives.

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