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Your Life After Death The book that answers lifes BIGGEST QUESTION …what happens to me when I die? According to Joseph – the ancient, highly evolved spirit who has lived in an enlightened sphere of reality beyond the veil for thousands of years – there are countless opportunities and wonders awaiting you beyond physical death. Communicated through respected trance medium, Michael G. Reccia, this unique book is arguably the most comprehensive account ever written of what lies ahead for you when you leave this world behind. Whether youre a spiritual seeker or simply curious as to what comes next, this definitive guide to the afterlife will answer all your questions and be an essential source of comfort and inspiration …read it and youll never look at the next life, or, indeed, this one, in quite the same way again. …………………………………….. Joseph: Some of the concepts we will talk about are frightening and they should be in the public knowledge, some of them are uplifting and take souls to places beyond physical description in terms of beauty and love and ecstasy. The book will give people a better grounding on the subject of death and the afterlife than has been given before in many books.

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