Pedazos De Cristal

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libro Pedazos De Cristal

Young Billy McLaughlin heads out to Tahoe, fresh out of college and ready to live out his vision of the good life. This involves skiing everyday, partying hard, playing some guitar, getting laid, and otherwise not worrying about a damn thing. Much to his surprise, the easy life doesn’t come so easy. That’s because the world of the gods is working down on him. The sex-hungry Clarissa, Goddess of the Hunt, is making his life a living hell while Jim, God of Good Beers and Friendship, is trying to pull him through. The story takes the reader for a ride through the ski-bum life in Tahoe and the far away world of the gods, two different planes of reality that combine to form the experience that is The Great Blowout. Jim’s got his work cut out for him because he’s just one of the little guys, trying to reckon with one of the most awesome powers in the world of the Gods. Meanwhile, down in Tahoe, Billy tries to maintain his sanity and keep his life together in spite of all the unexplainable episodes that rock his world. Drop in and join Billy and Jim as they scrap against the odds in the battle for freedom and justice.

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