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libro Miguel Covarrubias

A major hommage of four exhibitions in four museums in Mexico City. The single catalogue documents all four exhibitions. In chronological order the exhibitions are: Collection of Carlos Monsiváis that includes work in and outside of Mexico, Retrospective vision Geography of an Illustrator on illustrated books, magazines and other works by Covarrubias. This exhibition includes much of his international work, in the U.S., including items on his work on Bali and African-American culture, the last two exhibitions were held at the same venue propose new approaches to the study of Covarrubias. El Chamaco and other famous Mexicans presented his caricatures of figures from Mexican life and culture. The exhibition Yólotl Bali, Yólotl Tehuantepec offered a vision of Covarrubias as archaeologist. A great reference with many detailed essays. –Provided by vendor.

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