Manual De Fonética Y Fonología Españolas

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libro Manual De Fonética Y Fonología Españolas

Written entirely in Spanish, Manual de fonética y fonología españolas has a comprehensive scope that touches on all aspects of phonetics and phonology—including acoustic and auditory phonetics, phonotactics, and suprasegmentals, which most often remain untreated. The book provides students with a detailed and accurate yet accessible introduction to Spanish phonetics and phonology. It includes introductory chapters which place these disciplines within the general field of linguistics and which emphasize the role of sounds and their representation in human communication. Key features: Written by trained phoneticians and informed by the current science of phonetics. No prior knowledge of linguistics assumed, as a foundation is laid throughout for all linguistic terms and concepts. Each chapter contains a summary, a list of concepts and terminology, review questions, and pedagogically relevant pronunciation exercises keyed to the specific hints and suggestions provided in the chapters. Chapters dealing with the physical production of sounds contain sections with Pedagogical Hints, Practical Suggestions, and Pronunciation Exercises to link theory to the practical aspects of improving pronunciation. A wealth of graphic material to illustrate each concept clearly. Models of how to pronounce the sounds, sentences and exercises presented in the text, are available online at Manual de fonética y fonología españolas is a comprehensive introduction designed to be clear and accessible to advanced students of Spanish to help them understand how to improve their pronunciation. It will serve as an excellent book for graduate students as well as a valuable resource for teachers, linguists and language professionals.

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