La Pintura Mural Prehispánica En México

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libro La Pintura Mural Prehispánica En México

Third volume of the series devoted to Pre-Hispanic Murals featuring the murals in Oaxaca and the last study coordinated by the late Emeritus researcher of IIE-UNAM, Dr. Beatriz de la Fuente. The initial project continued by Teresa Uriarte. 19 years ago Dr. De la Fuente founded the permanent seminar La pintura mural prehispánica en México and started a collaborative archaeological project aimed a photographing, doing reconstructive drawings of the original figures and making exact measurements to make reliable plans of the Mexican Pre-Hispanic murals, coordinating all the scientific and humanistic aspects for their preservation and conservation. The present 2 volumes are the continuation of this monumental edition, now comprising 8 volumes. Contents include the study of the basic features of the Pre-Hispanic Oaxacan cultures as well as the relations they established with other societies, along with the examination of valuable colonial documents, texts from 19th century scientific travelers and other scholars who specialized on this topic. The murals are profusely documented and analyzed in its techniques, materials, creative processes, colors, tones, composition and contents. Following Dr. De la Fuentes original project, each and every author who collaborated in these 2 volumes offers their own interpretation of the artistic and cultural facts, in total liberty and without any censorship, free, as it was conceived by a privileged mind –Dra. Ma. Teresa Uriarte, p. 11.

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