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What is the formula to be happy at work without being influenced by the environment around us? How does one deal with difficult situations that arise in the office? Why does it seem that sometimes the new employees have more opportunities than those who have spent more time in the company? What if a partner makes our lives miserable? These and other questions are answered Emotions at work, an easy-to-read book that helps us to balance the heart and reveals profession and learning that we can bring to the workplace through the emotions we put into it. Becoming aware of what we are gives us the tools to deal with changes in our environment, the authors say. This group of leading experts is comprised of Alberto Blázquez, Mar Asenjo, Javier Zamora, Martha M. Ferrer, Ramón Fuentes, Maria Langa, Pablo García, Juana María Gutiérrez, Álvaro Merino, Pedro Díaz, Ana Cristina Cárdenas Mar Domínguez.

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