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No original manuscript of Don Quixote, nor of any otherwork by Cervantes exists, and so scholars studying this important novelhave had to rely on corrected and modernized versions of the firstprinted texts. Following his pivotal work on the compositors of thefirst editions of Don Quixote I and II, where he shows thatthe typographical and orthographic inconsistencies are the result ofspelling preferences by the early typesetters, R.M. Flores now offersCervantes scholars a complete typographical analysis of the firsteditions of Don Quixote (Part I, Madrid 1605, Part II, Madrid1615). This old-spelling edition of Don Quixote is the first everto take all the typographical and textual evidence into consideration.It provides scholars with a text closer to that of Cervantessoriginal manuscript than any previous edition and includes: – detailed bibliographical descriptions of the copies of the firsteditions used as editors copy, – all pertinent information concerning the editorial policy, – detailed and complete lists of all the readings replaced, set sideby side with the editorial corrections, – a text that reproduces the non-incidental seventeenth-centurytypographical and orthographic peculiarities of the first editions,and – sequential line numbering for the entire text and bibliographicaldata pertaining to the part, section or chapter, signature, and first(fifth, tenth, etc.) line of the text of the first editions.

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