Beyond Beans & Rice

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libro Beyond Beans & Rice

Included are a Latin American food dictionary, advice on handling holiday meals, and how to decipher spanish food labels! More than 10 percent of Latin Americans suffer from diabetes, yet when it comes to effectively developing meal plans that fit the savory tastes and favorite foods of Latin American cultures, diabetes educators and people who suffer from diabetes have been at a loss─until now. Written in Spanish and English, it features new food pyramids and menu plans specifically designed for he Latin American palate from all over the Caribbean. Beyond Beans & Rice is a long-awaited resource for dietitian and people who want to manage their diabetes but dont want to sacrifice the mainstay of their cultural identity. Whether its paella or carne guisada, this pioneering book shows Latin Americans with diabetes how they can easily design meal plans that fit into a healthy lifestyle without giving up taste or familiar staples.

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