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libro Amigos Para Siempre

There is a curious fact about friendship that we have always known but rarely acknowledge: By understanding others, we also come closer to understanding ourselves. –Bradley Trevor Greive, from Friends to the End This celebrated ode to friendship is now available in a Spanish-language version from Andrews McMeel Publishing. International best-selling author Bradley Trevor Greive (BTG) points out, When I think back to all the really great or the horrendously bad times in my life, I cant help but think about how my friends made the former all the more enjoyable and the latter at least survivable. Inside this Spanish-language edition of Friends to the End, Amigos para siempre: El verdadero valor de la amistad, BTG explores the nuances of friendship by pairing his trademark witty narrative with irresistibly expressive black-and-white animal photographs. Using his unique brand of fractured philosophy and gentle humor to full effect, BTG examines an array of themes-such as why we cant live without friends, how great friendships grow from humble beginnings, what to do when good friends turn bad, and why its all so worthwhile.

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