A Half Century Of Peronism, 1943–1993: An International Bibliography

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libro A Half Century Of Peronism, 1943–1993: An International Bibliography

A Half Century of Peronism lists many materials relating to Peronism, ranging from books, pamphlets, newsletters, and magazines to letters, tape cassettes, film strips and T-shirts. After years of bibliographic sleuthing, Horvath concluded that Stanford University generally and the Hoover Institution in particular had the largest and richest collection of Peronism of any single library system in the world. Thus, in1988 he relied on those materials for his Peronism and the Three Perons. In preparing the Hoover checklist, however, he came across many materials in other libraries and archives around the world. The present bibliography incorporates the 1988 checklist and adds the materials from those other institutions. For anyone hoping to understand twentieth-century Argentina, this, the most complete bibliography ever published on Peronism, will be an essential tool for locating and gaining access to historical documentation.

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